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Originally Posted by Bamboozle View Post
SS...I hope you don't mind me asking...but have you flat out talked to him about him getting some help for himself? Maybe you already posted about that and I missed it (so I’m sorry if you already covered it), but it seems to me like he's in denial/doesn’t think anything’s wrong with him about his own stuff. It’s nearly impossible to deal with anyone who doesn’t take care of his/her mental health…just my experience.

I hope that he gets help for himself soon so that your journey can become more pleasant. Big hugs.
I have been riding his butt to get into therapy and REAL care- not just slap-dash scrip writing- for ages. He's got an appointment with a therapist next week; he implied yesterday he wasn't going to use it now that all his problems are solved (right). I asked him to please go anyway. But if someone isn't ready/willing to work with a therapist, odds are it's not going to help much, I know.

Grr. I have this sinking, irritated feeling in the pit of my stomach and I don't know how to make it go away. I'm glad I have to work tonight.
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