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I know 2 things for sure.
1. I have 100% control over whether I have a first drink or not.

2. If I have more than 2 drinks I am unlikely to stop until the drink is gone.

I have quit before for set period of times and started again when the period was over so I know I have the control over the first drink.
I have tried to moderate so I know that the second thing is true also.

This time I have decided to quit forever so it is a little trickier.
I think we all to a certain degree have been conditioned to believe that in order to quit that we must alter other things in our lives.
So far I am buying into this and for that reason I am doing some research as to what else I might have to do to stay sober.
I am only a few weeks in but so far I am leaning towards it is a simple matter of choosing whether to drink or use or not.

I was a daily meth user back in the 1970's and when I decided to quit I just quit and did the same with Hash 5 years ago.

Alcohol was always my DOC though because of the social aspect of it so I guess only time will tell.
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