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Planning/Planning the outcome...

In High School, I had a track coach that by virtue of his win/loss record, become a legend in his own time. In Coach A's life time, he garnered 7 State championships and 4 Runner-ups, truly remarkable by anyone's standard. Coach's true talent was to mold champion athletes from young men whom at best, had mediocre talent (such was the case in myself). Coach would tell me; "Jimmy I want you to plan the outcome of your race, I want you to picture yourself breaking the tape at the finish line, I want you to see yourself on the winners podium all through the race."

Not only did this strategy work, I carried it into my life. It is a recipe for disaster for an alcoholic, it was my undoing in so many ways that today, I must ask myself if I am planning the outcome of nearly anything that I prepare myself for. I must separate preparation from outcome projection in all things. If I am planning a job at work, I need to ask myself; "If I miss this costing analysis by $2000, am I going to come apart at the seems, like in my using days?" Every girl I dated in my drinking and drugging days, I pictured in my bed, when I didn't get her there, or she saw through my phoniness, I was crushed, and drove myself lower into my disease. Being aware of this problem, and realistically setting goals, keeps me in check. I divide my ego from my heart and find that my HP is much better suited to deal with my goals than I am. As a matter of fact, if I set my sights through my HP to begin with, I am never disappointed. My Uncle, and father by custody law, once put it another way; "I never expect anything, therefore, I am never disappointed." This is a Machiavellian statement at best, and rather inappropriate for those of us in the program, but what we can say is; "My eyes are blind, but my HP can see right through my pride and set goals that are right for me.

So I plan, but I don't project. I strategize, but I don't pretend I see the outcome. I let go and let God. And keeping all this in perspective, puts me on a path toward realizing even more of the promises this program has already made truth in my life.
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