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SS..Ladita and Bam all bring up great points for me.

Yes Phal..I would say being sober is a very good thing.

I learned a great deal of humility and gratefulness in my addiction. As weird as that sounds. When your in the street without a pot to **** in and looking like you just rolled out of a ditch. It will definately humble you fast. For me anyway. And made grateful for a home and a family that alot of people I knew out there didnt have. I chose to look like I didnt have anyone or anything. To see me running around out there. You would think I was lost without anyone in the world. But I had a beautiful home and an awesome family who loved me. Why I chose to go hang out in the street like I did. I couldnt tell you. I would always think to myself as soon as I walked in the door of my house. "It feels so good to be home. Why would I want to leave and go be out there like that.?" And this warm feeling of comfort would just flow through me. But addiction made me run like a freak in the street. LOL too bad I wasnt a freak on a leash to my home. LOL

Gotta go to work..I have more on this tiopic when I get home.
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