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I think it was a positive turning point in my recovery when I was able to see there was some good in my alcohol use. I think it helped me get a more rational outlook on my use, which I hope is going to prevent a relapse. I don't believe that any one takes drugs out of sheer chemical dependency. For me alcohol was effective at beating insomnia, it did (only temporarily) quell anxiety, and it did give a short-term good feeling.

At first I found it impossible to look at alcohol as being anything but 100% pure evil in my life. I don't know, maybe that's a necessary outlook when you're just drying out. Now I'm more of the perspective, "yeah, it did *some* good but it did a whole lot more bad." It gives me the chance now to look for healthy, positive substitutes for what I was getting out of the bottle.

Yeah, I think being able to have some grey area is crucial.
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