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Momma H.

My Mother-in-law ad I are the total opposites. She's a liberal Democrat, I am a neocon, to a greater or lesser degree. She says right, I say left. But all of that notwithstanding, we are the best of friends; go figure. Recently Mom went to India for a little adventure. See, Mom is a retired women's health care nurse and since she has retired, she just loves to travel to disadvantaged countries and there she volunteers her time and her services to the womenfolk of the area. The lady is a saint. Several years ago, my Dad-in-law traveled to Belize with Mom, where together they built a reproductive health clinic in a small jungle village. Dad retired from the Burlington Northern railroad where he was a structural engineer.
Mom mostly writes now, as a matter of fact she has a new book out:

WOMANKIND: Connection & Wisdom Around the World
(available on Amazon ladies)

Mom also edits for a publication company and as fate would have it, would like me to start writing the book that I have so threatened to do for the last 5 years, poor gal, has read much of my writing since I have been married to her daughter. I plan on writing a self-help book on recovery from addiction, mostly plugging AA. Aside from bragging the fact; I mention it here because I need your help. Anyone interested in reading/editing for content for me, PM me and say; "Yeah Hammer, punish me with this treasure trove of literary waste!" And I can email the manuscript to you as I write it.
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