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without expectation

Reading through the archives of Secular Connections I came across this:

...the far more influential method isn't command, it's striving to live according to one's own highest standards and allowing that to be the messenger. In that, one need not preach anything, rather strive to live harmoniously and intelligently, exemplifying respect to self and to others and to all that surrounds. Recognizing within oneself what needs to be improved, internally seeking, more than externally preaching.
-Live simply, simply live

Suggesting, basically, that living according to one's own principles is really the only thing we need to concern ourselves with. So many people seem to want to impose THEIR standards on others. So much miserable, and unnecessary conflict results.

Conflict cannot endure. It is not life-giving.
It sucks the life out of any relationship.

I people want to impose their will, their expecations, on others, because they feel insecure about themselves? As though if others would concede that their way is right, then they would find that reassurance that they desperately seek to know that they are OK?
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