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Change the Behavior Now!

By Ron C.

Eric wrote:

>Today is 60 days for me! It's been interesting, every day is a learning experience.
>Eric :-)


This recovery process isn't one gradual continuum of felt progress.

My actions and values, especially those I eventually changed in sobriety, were acutely operative in early sobriety.

All of the feelings about myself (usually negative) and all of my learned methods of dealing with the world (usually inappropriate and self-defeating) continued into sobriety.

It is.....the very fact that "every days is a learning experience" that allows me to evaluate and to change my method of living. "That" learning now reinforces my sobriety.

If you notice the emergence of a behavior that you know contributes to your drinking, CHANGE the behavior NOW. That's what learning is all about.

If you notice the the emergence of feelings about yourself that contributes to your drinking, CHANGE the feelings learned to feel that way and you will learn to feel other ways.

I continually remind myself that "the action does not determine the response, I determine the response."

Such is what makes the Sobriety Priority work.....such is what make me responsible for my sobriety and my life.....such is what makes life wonderful, interesting and most curious.
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