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There are many spiritual awakenings and many ways to carry the message. Al-Anon members offer these ideas and questions to help us explore the meaning of the Twelfth Step.

Have I experienced a spiritual awakening? Describe.

In what ways do I down play my spiritual growth? What can help me to acknowledge it?

What have I received from Al-Anon that I would most like to share?

What are the different ways I can carry this message to others?

Did I see a friendly face early in my recovery? What can I do to be a friendly face to someone else?

What is the difference between carrying the message and giving advice?

When trying to carry the message, what have I experienced?

How can I recognize a cry for help without meddling in other people’s affairs?

How can I best carry the message to my family members, especially those who resist the idea ?

What can I practice these principles in my financial affairs? Is my job merely a means of earning money or an opportunity to practice my recovery?

What does the Twelfth Step say to me about Al-Anon service work?

What part has service to Al-Anon played in my recovery?

What would change if I viewed service as my goal in every area of my life?

What are “these principles”?

How can apply them in my daily life?

In what areas of my life do I need to start practicing these principles? What can I do this week to make a beginning?

How am I living the message of the program?

How am I a good example of Al-Anon recovery?
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