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Jody Hepler
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I have had two bouts of bad news in the last 24 hours - and what I am trying to focus on is "One Day at a Time". Today I am ok. Look at my feet, that is where my head should be. When I project I am in tomorrow - and I always project negatively and awfulize the situation. Use the recovery tools I have been given.

But it is not easy to do when my stomach is jumping and I didn't sleep last night. Much easier to "let go and let God" and "One Day at a Time" it when things are going my way.

When I feel like this, I think it will last forever - but I now it won't. "This too shall pass".

So after work I am going to the gym, then a meeting and then eat ice cream. Things I know to do to take care of myself.

I'm sorry about your son. Maybe what I'm doing today will help you too.

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler
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