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That invisible line. Kinda like those heart strings, you can't see them, but you sure do feel them.

I have two opinions, having been the victim of two robberies, one from my employee, I would want to know at least that there is a potential for the problem, on the other hand, if she is working and she hasn't stolen and gets canned because of your conversation, how much damage will be done, then to make matters worse, what about the next job she gets, do you let them know too? Where does your responsibility end?

You are kinda in a real pickle here. If you know in your heart that she will steal from them, maybe you should have that conversation and let her know that you will have to have that conversation with anyone that you know who employees her until she cleans up her act. If you aren't sure that she will steal from them, then I would say, hands off the addict, give it over to your higher power. It's not yours to own. Just because she is your daughter, doesn't make you responsible for her actions, besides, if it is a small town, everyone knows already any how. If her employer is a friend, maybe you could explain that she has had a drug problem in the past and you just want to make them aware of that. I don't think I would elaborate on my fears that she might steal from them, even addicts deserve not to be acused of something they haven't done yet, no matter how likely the chances are that they will.

I was real upset when my addicted employee robbed us, everyone in the whole town knew he was an addict and a thief. Being new in town, I was the only one who didn't know. It would have been nice if someone had spoke up, but through my own recovery, I realized it really wasn't their responsibility to give me that information, I only had myself to blame for not checking out his history and asking questions and requiring referances.

Just another angle for you to think about.

Hugs and Prayers
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