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Originally Posted by itisatruth View Post
I do think it is like powerlessness....Norm has to find it on his own, just like everyone else. I don't know all the history with him, but it sounds like he hasn't been "there" quite like you.
I agree with this; we are powerless to force other people to see our POV. I am struggling with this with my MIL and I've realized that my need to have her see things my way is MY defect that I have to turn over to my higher power. Not saying that is the case with you, of course, but that is how I am feeling right now and what I thought of when I read your post.

I am torn about interfering with the girl's parents. If anything, it should come from your son since he has witnessed it firsthand. Right now it's just what you've heard, you know? But of course if something serious happened to her, you'd feel badly that you didn't let her parents know so they could choose to attempt to help her. Try turning it over to your HP and see what you come up with.:ghug3
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