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Dry drunk?

So it has been 31 days snce I have had a drink. I as bad as it sounds It would honest to state that I can not remember any periods of sobriety for at least 10 to 12 years. The first two weeks clean went as smoothly as one could expect however the last few days I have been having so very uncomfortable issues. Let me preface this with I have already asked my doctor if all was ok regarding this issue and he told me it should eventually pass--so i am not dying--and I am not trying to soloicit meadical advice. But for personal reasons I think it would be very beneficial to my own peace of mind to see if many other people have experienced somthing similar to what I am going through, to what extremes and how long it took to go away!!

Here goes. I feel like I am on serious drugs or totally wasted. I have periods of time where I feel very out of sorts, intoxicated or dunk when I have not touched the stuff for over 30 days! I have been having entense periods of confusion and memory loss. I will be walking around my house not really knowing what I am doing or what I have just done. I am slurring my words and stumbling around aimlessly. It is a bit frustrating because I was really enjoying the bit of clarity I had just started to see recently. Is this what some call being a dry drunk? I donk like it at all because it reminds me of all the blackouts I used to have and I want to NEVER have again.

Thanks in advance for any replies...


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