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Originally Posted by wantanewlife View Post
Whew!! I am glad I found this site. I am addicted to cocaine,pills and alcohol. I am hoping to become sober for good this time. I have been addicted for going on 11 years now and have had brief periods of sobriety. The most was a 30 day period while in rehab. That was almost 6 years ago. I lost custody of my children when I went to rehab. I have not seen them in several years. To make things even more complicated, my current husband is an addict as well. I have left him several times in order to get my own life together, but my disease always leads me back. I hope that I can get some feedback from people. This time I have been clean for 4 days. HELP
Here is my opinion--FWIW.

It will be next to impossible to stay clean while living with an addict. If there is anyway to get into another rehab--do it. Just because the first one did not "take" does not mean its a waste of time. If you cannot, then I would suggest getting out and living with someone who is not an addict (another family member or friend). Even if its only for a week or so to get your head together.

Find an AA or NA close to you and go. Get a sponsor. Be willing to receive help. IT WILL NEVER GET BETTER ON ITS OWN
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