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When I went to rehab 2 years ago, I detoxed off of opiates with suboxone. It was difficult because they only kept me on it for a week or so--with the amount of opiates I was taking and the duration that I took them, it should have been longer (in my own unsupported non-medical non-expert opinion!). But I did it anyway, and have managed to stay clean since (with a program, a sponsor, support, plenty of meetings and plenty of service of course).

I totally agree with finding a doctor who understands addiction, first of all. Some simple tips to help the discomfort: I took a million hot showers--so weird, but it helped so much. I was really achy, and couldn't sleep for a few days--as frustrating as that way, my counselor kept telling me "nobody ever died from lack of sleep." I hated him for it, but guess what? I'm still here. Heating pads were wonderful. And of course, I was completely emotional. Having as much support as possible is crucial. Talk about it, write about it, go to a meeting EVERY DAY you are weaning from it. Ramp up your program--it's like bringing in the back-up artillery, you know? Reinforce your foundation in recovery, and most of all, be GENTLE with yourself.

My best to you.

Hold On, Keep Breathing.
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