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Wondering how to get off Suboxone/

My boyfriend and I have been on suboxone for a year and now we have been clean and sober and never ever want to take another chemical in our lives.
Is there a way to get off THIS? Our DR. told us Good Luck your on it for life. I am going for surgery on a few months and do want to be on this any longer. We figure we are going to taper our self down from 8mg a day then 4mg a day then half . I have no idea he is working his but off so we can have $$ to pay the bills and more or less stay in bed and swet it out but I never want that feeling again. I missed an appoint ment once and my dr went on vaction and I had took me to he** and back I was almost feee and then I wnet back to him...GRR..I wish I had a Dr who cared. Can anyone help?
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