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What are the signs of trouble?

Different people define things different ways. yet people use use the same word to describe a different idea in their head.
This leads to confusion.

For example, there is disagreement on the word 'alcoholic'.

Here's my definition:
"Alcoholic: A person who is unable to stop drinking after two
ounces of alcohol (two 'drinks') in one hour, or three drinks
in one day".

So, someone who drinks 3 ounces or less everyday is not an
alcoholic in my definition.

My 2nd definition: "Relapse".
As in "He had a relapse last night".
What is the definition of 'relapse'?
If a person hasn't had a drink in one year,
and then has 3 drinks, was that an 'alcoholic relapse'?
What if he didn't drink for a year, then one night drinks two bottles of wine?
He wakes up hung over, and didn't drink again for the rest of the week?

Should he seek professional treatment and
make an appointment at the outpatient center?
Is the relapse a guarantee of out-of-control behavior
that will result in terrible life situations occurring?

When is a 'relapse' an indication that you're on an uncontrollable bing,
a raging, out of control substance abuser (think crack house addict).
And when is a 'relapse' just a one time mistake (think of a
dieter who gorges a half-gallon of ice cream in one night)?
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