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The other side of effort

The other side of effort

On the other side of effort is accomplishment. On the other
side of effort is the achievement of your goal.

From where you now stand, the effort may look like something
you would rather avoid. The challenges may appear to be
imposing and even insurmountable.

Think for a moment, though, about what things will look like
from the other side of the effort, when it is finished.
Consider how it will be once you've made the effort and
moved through the challenges.

Looking back on the effort, you'll be thankful you did it.
Looking back on the challenges, you'll know how much
stronger and more capable they made you.

Looking back on the whole experience, you'll realize that
your commitment and persistence took you somewhere special.
They took you precisely where you had chosen to go.

The effort you now face will make significant demands of
you, and yet the rewards are many. Choose now to start
working your way to the other side.

Ralph Marston
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