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My Follow Up to the Above Story

Just A Thanks (Mistress or Heroin)


Everyone, back in January/February of 2007 I posted my story here and received a ton of knowledge and support. With the power of God and the support and advice of everyone here I was able to understand addiction and assist my husband with recovery. I was able to stop looking at him like a "Dirty Junkie". I was also able to focus on my daughter, my unborn son and myself while he was in rehab without freaking and being nervous 24/7.

I have been to Mexico since he has been released from Rehab and he is 2 months clean from heroin use and has put so much weight back on. I am very proud of him and the person that I knew that was locked away inside of him due to heroin use is back. My kind loving, B! That is his name, B! He is back and he is no longer a slave to that horrible substance that takes our loved ones away from us.

Everyday is work, and as we prepare for the arrival of our new son we focus on the joys we get out of being alive and the thanks we give for each breath we are able to take now without heroin, or in my case Ativan. Ativan is an antidepressant.

I just want to say that I will be preparing to have my son, but if anyone ever has a problem or a question dealing with heroin addiction I am here to answer questions and give support on how I was able to love him through it all and learn to trust again.

Long road ahead, but bright.
Love you all,
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