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I think I am lucky. My holidays with A were pretty decent comparitively. He would share with my family (when they still liked him) but with his family they always drank. My family doesn't. Mom's b-friend offered A a beer or drink one year and I pulled mom in the kitchen and asked "WTF". She gave her b-friend a look and fortunately my A didn't want one anyway. Normallly things would go good except for Christmas. We always had HUGE fights Christmas Eve. One year I rode down the street hanging off the side of his Ram pickup trying to keep him from driving. Know why he was mad? Because on the way home from his Brothers I had a headache and turned down his music. Nicely too, And told him why, he threw a fit. He threw lots of fits about that come to think of it? Almost broke my hand once when I was younger. Hmm-forgot about that. Anyway, that was the worst of it - that I remember!!!
I will be going to my mom's tomorrow with my sister and neices. I colored eggs with them tonight. Hiding eggs should be fun. Happy Easter to all of you!!! B
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