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Thanks to everyone at SR, I am beginning to get my head on straight. You are so right that our recovery takes a long time. The finances are the biggest mess. Today, as I was trying to pay the bills, I realized what a jerk he had been with all his broken promises about how he was going to help me. When is all weighs out, he hurt me badly in many ways. It may not be easy, but I will survive and carry on. I guess you all have been there and know how much it helps to share with others. This, more than anything else, helps me.

I know now that the longer he stays away, the stronger I will be. I am busy cleaning up the messes he has made in my life. I don't have a clue how I could have been so stupid, but they are such great manipulators and convincing liars. They hit us where we are vulnerable. I read the posts about Karma, and what goes around, comes around. No one can prosper by taking advantage of and hurting others.

I will keep you posted from time to time. I am sure this is not the end of this drama.
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