A Letter to My Spouse

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Originally Posted by SeekingHealing4 View Post
Thank you for this letter, but most of all thank each of you for sharing your testimony. I was not married to an addict, but I loved him very much. He destroyed our happy relationship by simply abandoning me as a lover and as a friend. I did not understand why I took this particular breakup so hard because I have broken up with people in the past. This one was potent because I saw a side to him that I did not recognize. He was not the person who use to call me love of his life, or his forever. This person was destructive and mean. I loved how this letter put the slow death process into words.
The letter is very touching and those of us in the same situation know exactly how heartbreaking the dark days can be.

Seeking healing, I am in a similar position to you. My fiancť is, underneath the drink daemon, the most amazing, handsome, loving man Iíve ever been in a relationship with. I think that that is what makes it so hard, as you can see the person beneath who you just wish would emerge healed. It truely breaks my heart that I can not fix his problems or takeaway his pain and I feel SO frustrated that he cannot see for himself what an amazing life he has, or would have if he didnít have to drink every night.

I am in the process of trying to work out what I do. I love him so very much but, after yet another major dip this week, I donít know if I can take it any more - like you however I see two people. Iím trying to remind myself that the one Iím in love with is the one thatís hidden and tell myself that I donít have to accept the way the other one treats me.

My heart goes out to you, take care and stay strong.
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I could never express myself as eloquently and succinctly as this. Just printed out and put on my husband's side table. Oh, how I wish he could read it, understand it, and act on it!
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Thank you, this is my experience, though now we are not together and I watch from afar. It is no less painful.I missed him in our relationship and I miss him now he has left. So sad for all of us impacted by this disease.
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