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How'd I miss this thread?

I'm Wench. I couldn't remember my old logon so I went with a new one and I couldn't use the same email address (it wouldn't let me) so I used another, that is jointly used by myself and the AH. (but neither of us really use it, so I didn't give it much thought that it would bust me out.)

I didn't use this forum as a tool in an argument. There was actually no argument that night. He stormed into the kitchen, said something along the lines of "oh so you're on forum trashing me, if you hate me so much we should just seperate, and you're the reason I drink". I simply responded, "I don't hate you, I hate the drunk you." Then went to bed.

Maybe it's not such a bad thing. He did post here
Guess that's a step. He's not drank since then. I'm not even counting on him not drinking anymore, that would make me delusional. :p

I don't intend on sneaking peaks at anything he posts (unless it's within the al-anon forum). I figure he needs his space to "vent" just like I do.

He's a good man. I wouldn't still be with him if he wasn't. It's just tough sometimes as you all know.
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