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Originally Posted by jbm125
I believe in a power greater than myself. I believe in a God, of sorts. I believe there must be a God because of the evidence I see every day. Not evidence of a God but evidence of the devil. I see evil everywhere I look. I see that evil in people who abuse children, I see that evil in the mugger who steals a life for $27, I see that evil in children born malformed, with aids, cancer, with genetic problems, children that are abandoned or even worse kept by people totally unfit to be parents.
I believe in the good of man. The collective worldwide consciousness of good people everywhere. The people who perform random acts of kindness, the people who spend their lives helping the helpless. Those acts of goodness keep me optimistic and my Higher Power.
I was drunk and drugged for 30 years, raging at the inequities of the world.
Depressed at the unfairness of man, one to another. Disappointed in all organized religion that seemed more money oriented than 'humanity' oriented.
Today I've been clean and sober since 1/15/99 thanks to the fellowship of AA, some loving, smart, giving sponsors and my HP.
Congrat's on your sobriety, Jack. But... by definition, most of your post falls outside of the secular realm. Both God and the Devil constitute supernatural belief, as does the concept of evil being a product of supernatural forces.
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