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Hi there...I'm new here

I joined this site because my brother, whom I share a property with, is an alcoholic. I live in "the house", he lives in an in-law unit in back. He has been drinking heavily and doing various drugs for at least 30 years. He has no friends, just a drinking buddy or two. Mostly he drinks alone every night beginning around 5p and continues until around midnight. He usually starts smoking pot first thing in the morning. He's verbally abusive; there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. It can be in the morning (hungover?), before he starts drinking in the early eve, or when he's actually drinking. I do my best to avoid him. As a result of my exposure to his drinking I've taken a closer look at my own drinking habits/addictive personality. I believe that I too am an alcoholic. I cut back to a glass of wine or two each week at the beg. of June, but it began to creep back up to more over the past month or so. Nothing since September 5. Tonight I'll attend my first Al-Anon meeting; need support to deal with the brother situation. No plans to go to AA meetings for myself yet. Will do so if the need arises, and I feel unable to abstain without attending meetings. Thanks for listening !
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