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Just a little update...

We're up to about 30 including the adult fish, we've admitted we are powerless over fish reproduction and our lives are becoming umanagable!!! We now have 2 60 litre tanks, 1 30 litre and 1 (emergancy) 10 litre!!

I had to squish one last night, D wouldn't squish it but it had been swimming in spirals or upside down for two days and I called it - enough. The poor little git had never really grown and obviously something was very wrong. D researched on the net about humane ways to kill a fish and heard you're supposed to put them in the freezer?? EH!? I mean how stressfull would that be? fished out, moved, shut in the dark, not to mention freezing flippin cold and wait till you slowly die!! BLAH!! It was only a 1cm long, it was over in a fraction of a second (squished) with no more stress than a tank change (less if anything).

It's one thing being soft but some folks are flamin' bonkers with it!!
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