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Talking 14 Babies.... O/T

The first two died, but we knew there may be more in the pond so didn't just throw excess pond weed on the side. We borrowed a tank and put it in that instead.

A baby fry hatched, then another and another - we even watched one of the little aliens pop out!! We went for advice and got told we could try this or that but that they would most likely die. We couldn't just chuck them!!! In the pond the big fish would eat them.

A week or two later we still have 14!!! NONE have died!! They've been fed on duck egg yolk, crumbled fish food, fry food and water fleas. Most instructions we can find on the net refer to fish in pretty sterile conditions - ours are in pond water.

D made a pump for us to hoover the bottom, we top up with spring water, replace the daphnia (water fleas), tend the weed they came in and WATCH!!

We watch and watch and watch them - they are so tame, so used to the magnifying glass and our exclaimations when the little ones first catch a flea, or when Godzilla (the biggest) tackled the worm, or when the tiny one's bellies go yellow after stuffing their faces on yolk.

They're supposed to die but they're not - we still have 14 at head count today .

So what in the hell will we do with 14 fish too small to live outside over winter?!! Ebay is getting some hammer for a bigger tank!!
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