Robin Bright

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Robin Bright is the founder of SOZO Recovery House, a 501c3 Christian Recovery Residence for Women, and, a website dedicated to people in recovery. She is also Director of Admissions at Gracious Care Recovery Solutions. Robin has personally struggled with the torment of drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. After a supernatural awakening during a 78-day stay in a rehab facility, she came to the realization that she could actually live vice-free and has been ever since. Her sobriety date is August 29, 2014, and it is her intent to make the world a little better than she left it with each passing second. As an author, entrepreneur, mom, and life enthusiast, Robin is passionate about helping others find success & freedom in all areas of life. Robin lives in Fort Myers, Florida, and attended Edison State College there.  

Addiction Switching: A Personal Account

By Robin Bright

One writer shares how she's uncovered the root issues in her life and is finding freedom through it. Continue Reading