Kelly McClanahan

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Kelly McClanahan has an MSW in clinical social work and a CATC IV in addictions counseling. She teaches meditation and mindfulness, specializing in addiction and trauma. She also leads workshops and seminars on treatment of addictive disorders and stress reduction.


Finding Gratitude in Early Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

It can be hard to be grateful in early recovery - anger and fear are much more common emotions. But therapists have used this t... Continue Reading

Finding Freedom in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

The principle of freedom as applied to recovery is written about in the ninth step of 12-step program materials. However, most ... Continue Reading

man lurking in the shadows

New to a Group? Why You Need to Watch Your Back

By Kelly McClanahan

12-step groups are places of healing, but they can also be dangerous. You never know who may be lurking in the crowd, so follow... Continue Reading

emotionally content man

Learning to Forgive Yourself in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

It's imperative for recovering addicts to understand and accept the concept of forgiveness in order to fully embrace recovery. Continue Reading

Couple leaning on each other

Dating in Early Recovery: 3 Must Dos

By Kelly McClanahan

Relationships are complicated, so make sure you follow these 3 simple rules when getting back into the dating world. Continue Reading

negative woman

Changing Negative Attitudes in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Learning to be optimistic can be the biggest challenge for some addicts, but it is vital to long term recovery. Read one addict... Continue Reading

high dive

Conquering Your Fear

By Kelly McClanahan

Addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan discusses how fear can be the biggest roadblock to recovery, and gives insights as to how ... Continue Reading

compassionate man

Finding Compassion in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan discusses how to find compassion, both for yourself and for those around you. Continue Reading

anonymous man

Why Anonymity Is So Important in Early Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Anonymity not only protects the addict, but the entire community of addicts. Read about the protections that it provides, and h... Continue Reading

aromatherapy for addiction recovery

Using Aromatherapy in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

One of the best things you can do to promote relaxation and reduce stress is to practice aromatherapy. Learn how in just a few ... Continue Reading