Kelly McClanahan

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Kelly McClanahan has an MSW in clinical social work and a CATC IV in addictions counseling. She teaches meditation and mindfulness, specializing in addiction and trauma. She also leads workshops and seminars on treatment of addictive disorders and stress reduction.

money puzzle

Learning to Manage Money in Early Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

For some in early recovery, money is their biggest problem. Addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan explains how best to approach ... Continue Reading

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Taking Addiction Recovery 'One Day at a Time'

By Kelly McClanahan

Addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan walks us through the steps of the early, difficult days of recovery that every newly recov... Continue Reading

Meditation for Recovering Addicts, Part 1

By Kelly McClanahan

Meditation can be a great tool during sober recovery to help quiet a busy mind and find balance. Can you say "Om"? Continue Reading

Meditation for Recovering Addicts, Part 2

By Kelly McClanahan

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Managing Character Defects: We All Have Them

By Kelly McClanahan

If you can manage your so-called character flaws or defects--and dare to do the things you want to do in spite of them--you can... Continue Reading

What Does "Making Amends" Really Mean?

By Kelly McClanahan

Steps 8 and 9 are all about making amends, but what exactly does that mean? The reality may surprise you. Continue Reading

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How to Keep It Fresh as a Veteran Addict

By Kelly McClanahan

Revitalize your recovery process with these new ideas. Continue Reading

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Recovering addicts know that laughter is one of the most important weapons in their arsenal. Learn how "Rule 62" can make the t... Continue Reading

How to Support a Friend in Recovery

By Kelly McClanahan

Learn how to be there for a recovering friend and how to be supportive without enabling their addiction. Continue Reading

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Thoughts on Healing Patterns

By Kelly McClanahan

Circular and spiral healing patterns are discussed in this piece by addiction counselor Kelly McClanahan. Continue Reading