Jamee Larson

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Jamee Larson teaches English composition and creative writing at North Dakota State University in Fargo; she received her MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University - Moorhead.  Jamee has been clean and sober since May 27, 2009. She lives in Moorhead, Minnesota with her wife, Kelley, their two cats, Smokee and Winslow, and their Mini-American Eskimo, Seimone. In her spare time, she loves watching basketball (go Lynx and Cavs), doting on her nieces and nephews, and traveling with Kelley. 

A recovering addict considers whether AA is a selfish program.

No, AA is Not a Selfish Program

By Jamee Larson

Focusing on oneself isn't selfish—especially when helping yourself allows you to help others. Continue Reading

woman standing alone

My failed recovery attempts convinced me that I needed more than the traditional approach. It was only after committing to this... Continue Reading

The majority of society rely on their cell phones for much of their daily operations, but it could be hurting those in recovery.

The result of our society’s obsession with cell phones is that interpersonal skills have been dwarfed, and the quality of our r... Continue Reading

The set aside prayer can help anyone in recovery, whether or not they are in AA

The Importance of the Set Aside Prayer

By Jamee Larson

The prayer is meant to start a conversation with one’s Higher Power, whomever that may be, and to ask to for an enhanced level ... Continue Reading

recovering addict surrounded by trees

Redefining My View of God in Recovery

By Jamee Larson

We went our separate ways. I don’t remember if God left first or if I did. Regardless, anytime someone started talking about Go... Continue Reading