Elizabeth Seward

Sober Recovery Expert Author

Elizabeth Seward has written about health and wellness for Discovery Health, National Geographic, How Stuff Works Health and many other online and print publications. As a musician, Elizabeth has witnessed the destructive power of substance abuse among fellow artists and beyond. She believes in the restorative power of yoga, meditation, talk therapy and plant-based diets. She is also an advocate for progressive drug policy reform.

woman listening to music

A Playlist to Help You Beat S.A.D.

By Elizabeth Seward

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) is season-based depression that most frequently occurs for sufferers during the fall and w... Continue Reading

angry woman with hands near her face

Hot cognition responses often result in bouts of anger. Continue Reading

empty medication bottles

There's nothing wrong with using prescribed medication, unless if it's for recreational use. Continue Reading

man staring out window

How do you continue to offer your addicted friend or family member love and support? Continue Reading

A recovering addict lies on the grass, as he listens music.

A Unique Relaxing Playlist for Addiction Recovery

By Elizabeth Seward

Music has a profound impact on mood; the right kind of music can influence how you feel. Continue Reading

woman rides a bike to meditate

3 Meditation Styles to Fight Off Cravings

By Elizabeth Seward

Although your days of drinking and using drugs might seem like a lifetime ago to you now, the thoughts and cravings for the sub... Continue Reading

is the addict still the same person?

Is the Addict Still the Same Person?

By Elizabeth Seward

The person you know is not “hiding” within the addict so much as the true version of the person represents his or her natural s... Continue Reading

the dangers of alternative medicine for recovery

Alternative medicine can have a pretty vague definition. The term includes practices that are science-based and many that are n... Continue Reading

person suffering from social phobia

Social Phobia: Inside a Common Mental Disorder

By Elizabeth Seward

The anxiety behind social phobias can lead sufferers into substance use and addiction. Continue Reading

mother and child

Typically speaking, CPS makes it their goal to only remove children from a home when it is needed for their protection. Continue Reading