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Caitlin Thiede is a contributing writer for SoberRecovery.

kurt cobain smoking a cigarette

Kurt Cobain Sings to the Scapegoat Child

By Caitlin Thiede

Kurt Cobain reached fans beyond his music, and as the scapegoat child knows, his upbringing helped him pass something far super... Continue Reading

Wes Geer of bands KoЯn and Hed P.E. has founded an organization that uses the creative process of making music to impact addiction recovery.

Listening to music has long been known to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety. We dig deeper into Rock to Recovery's philosoph... Continue Reading

selena gomez performing

Growing up is hard in the social media age. Teens are constantly fed images of beautiful people who seem to be living a picture... Continue Reading

split image of the damage that alcohol abuse does to our skin

4 Skin Conditions Caused by Alcohol Misuse

By Caitlin Thiede

Short and long-term alcohol abuse impacts one of our most vital, and visible, organs—our skin. Continue Reading