Sexual Problems with Relationships


Relationships face problems at different point of time. Whatever the problem it affects a sex life of the couples. According to doctors and physiologists say that if a couple faces sexual problems this could be due to emotional troubles or serious illness. Mainly the cause behind all is lack of intimacy. They say that sexual relationships need to keep the element of romance alive as it is the key element for a satisfying sexual life. It is impossible for a non-professional to bring out the exact reason for a person's sexual problems but as the to doctors and physiologists say lack romance and intimacy are the unrealized reasons for sexual problems.Couples should get intimate with each other and feel close to each other. It is only then that they can have a good sexual life. Unless there is intimacy and romance no couple can enjoy sex. You cannot enjoy sex without feelings. It is basically the feelings that lead a person towards sex. So there are a number of couples who feel sexual dysfunction and do not feel the desire to have sex with their partners.

Among men, the most common sexual problem is impotency, now described in as erectile dysfunction, and infertility. These sexual problems can lead to frustration and resentment powerful enough to derail a relationship. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. The cause behind this may have either psychological or biological. O the other hand infertility is strictly a biological problem: the inability to produce sperm capable of making a woman pregnant.

Relationships face problems at different point of time. Whatever the problem it affects a sex life of the couples.

Premature ejaculation is another sexual disorder prevalent among men. They experience dry orgasm and feel loss of desire for sex. Pain in the penis or testicles during sex is also a problem that men face.

Lack of attraction for a partner, past traumatic events and psychological factors, including a strict religious background causes the person to view sex as sinful cause sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation is the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men.

In some men the fear of failure to perform the act creates so much stress that it's impossible to relax and simply enjoy making love.

In a long-term relationship, sexual problems arise due to unresolved marital issues. There is lack of communication, the loss of intimacy and as a result lack of sexual activity. Often when a partner is angry instead of communicating and resolving problems they avoid each other and thus make their relationship more complicating and with it they do have problems during sex. Often the couples prefer not to have sex at all. It is important to communicate and clear all the misunderstanding. It improves the relationship and your sex life.

Sexual dysfunction in women is very common. It affects up to 40% of women, most commonly young women, and tends to decrease with age. Female Sexual dysfunction could be due to a number of factors as emotional stress, poor self esteem, sexual abuse, fear of being pregnant, intake of medicines, diseases like blood pressure and diabetes, vaginal infections and aging.

Most of the women after menopause experience sexual dysfunction due to change in hormone production and circulatory conditions. An effective treatment plan set by your medical professional may definitely resolve the problem.

To overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction one can have other sexual activities such as oral sex, message or masturbation.To get out of the problem the females should be open up with their partners if there is any emotional problem. Talking with their partner could help them out of the problem of sexual disorder and if it is due to health problems then your doctor could assist.

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