Relationship between Metabolic Rate And Weight Loss


Obesity is one of the most important health problems lasting the medical world. You can successfully reduce the weight by varying the metabolism of your body. Metabolism and weight loss are associated to each other. Metabolism is nothing but the natural burning of calories in your body. Metabolism is a natural phenomenon and you need not put any effort on your part. It is happening even in your sleep.

Metabolic rate decides the success of your weight losing efforts. As metabolism is a natural calorie burning process, an increase in metabolic rate will help you in your efforts to reduce weight. The proper recommended level of reducing weight per week is one or two pounds and increase in metabolism will help you to achieve this realistic level. Fluid intake is increased when metabolic rate is increased and thus help for gradual weight loss.

Obesity is one of the most important health problems lasting the medical world. You can successfully reduce the weight by varying the metabolism of your body.

Metabolism And Permanent Weight Loss

In today's hectic life style people find no time to do regular exercise. It is amazing to know that they not even properly follow the weight loss program for which they had spent a lot of money. Those who started doing regular exercise discontinue it any given point of time due to work load, transfer, stress or illness. If you have decided to start doing exercise then select the exercises that suits your age and physical ability. The best solution is to increase the metabolic rate to achieve permanent weight loss. This relieves you of the compulsion of doing long hours of exercise. Having relieved of doing long hours of exercise you will find more time to do whatever you want. It gives more time within your spare time to enjoy other activities. Moreover you need not do any tough exercises.

The Benefits of Increased Metabolic Rate

Pursue your efforts to achieve permanent weight loss through increasing metabolic rate. You can accrue added benefits while pursuing towards this goal.

Increase in metabolic rate reduces the possibility of putting weight again and avoids the disappointment of most of the weight reducing programs.

Eliminate the necessity of doing long hours of exercise.

You can follow your normal eating habits.

Time and money are saved in preparing non-fat foods.

Getting rid of the obesity problem you will feel active throughout the day.

Solving your obesity problem help you to maintain overall health.

Practice Right Methods

Dieting is the most common practice adopted by many to reduce weight. This wrong method of changing metabolic rate will affect your health in the long run. During dieting the inner organs are deprived of essential nutrients for their normal functioning and put extra strain on them. Over a period this extra strain will make your inner organs more older than your physical age. This is known as biological age. Dieting or taking insufficient food and unbalanced food result in increased biological age. This is the reason why people even in their twenties are also getting heart attack, diabetes or other major diseases today.

Another wrong practice is reducing the intake of calories. You over all health is affected if your body is denied the optimum level of calories daily. The true fact is that metabolic rate is reduced when calorie intake is restricted. The resulting weight loss will be only from your muscles and organs and again this affects your overall health. You will gain weight when the muscle mass is reduced. Artificially controlling appetite using diet pills affects the metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is getting affected by age, sex, muscle mass and sleep disorders. Focusing on your fitness program and neglecting your sleep is not beneficial. Focusing on one thing and neglecting another thing will not help you. If your fitness program is focusing on fat zone alone, then it will not be any use in shaping your body. To maintain the best weight, an overall work out is essential. Select any one of the correct methods to increase the metabolic rate to lose weight in line with your age, physical ability and requirement.

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