Person in recovery reads a devotional book

3 Devotional Books For Those In Recovery


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Person in recovery reads a devotional book

Anyone who is in recovery needs support to stay on track. Whether you meet with a group regularly or are handling things more on your own, getting a daily boost of encouragement can make all the difference. That’s where Christian devotional books come in—they remind us of important truths about ourselves and how God can equip us in our journey forward.

Taking the time to study each day is an important investment in your future, but it can be hard to know which devotional to choose. To help you get started, I’ve listed three books that have not only encouraged my heart but have actually changed my mindset.

1. Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional: 366 Devotionals

Front cover of the book "Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional by John Baker, Johnny Baker and Mac Owens

John Baker founded the Celebrate Recovery program and has designed this book as a companion to other materials used by members. But even since I’ve left CR, the book has been of tremendous value to me. You’ll find the passages challenging and uplifting at the same time.

Baker and the other writers have based each reading on one of CR’s eight Life Principles, going in order. Day One, for instance, is called The First Step. A scripture verse from the Book of Romans introduces a quick message about the importance of admitting when we need help. The entry ends with a prayer.

Tip: Reading the prayers out loud and claiming them for yourself is a powerful way to firm up that day’s lesson.

Working your way through this book will lay a strong foundation for growth and positive change. With each lesson, I gained a bit more clarity and understanding about my own "habits, hurts, and hang-ups."

- Available on Amazon

2. Battlefield of the Mind Devotional: 100 Insights That Will Change The Way You Think

Front cover of the book "Battlefield of the Mind Devotional" by Joyce Meyer

This book was groundbreaking for me early in my recovery. Though not written specifically for those battling addiction, this devotional contains ideas that speak to anyone who needs a healthier life. The key, according to Meyers, is to replace old negative beliefs with ones that help us live in a bolder, more positive way.

In her book Battlefield of the Mind (which inspired the devotional), Meyers explored some of the faulty thinking of the Israelite nation as it wandered in the desert for 40 years. She shows how even today we can end up living in a kind of emotional and spiritual wilderness. For example, believing that “my future is determined by my past” (Faulty Belief #1) leads me to live without a vision or hope. She goes on to correct wrong thinking with teachings based on the Bible.

The lessons use personal questions to reveal the state of our hearts. Through doing them, I learned to be more honest with myself and to grow in personal responsibility. Both are vital for those of us in the recovery process.

- Available on Amazon

3. One Day At A Time: The Devotional For Overcomers

Front cover of the book "One Day at a Time" by Neil Anderson, Mike Quarles and Julia Quarles

Neil Anderson has been a favorite faith-based devotional writer of mine for many years. He firmly believes that we can be set free from the things that often hold us back from the fruitful and joyful life God wants for us. His writing reflects the confidence that with God's help, we can have victory over anything holding us in bondage. Just the title alone is encouraging—we all want to hear we can be overcomers too.

Christian devotional books remind us of important truths about ourselves and how God can equip us in our journey forward.

This devotional is inspired by Anderson’s book “Steps To Freedom in Christ.” Like the book, the daily readings begin by addressing issues such as our identity in Christ and God’s love and grace. Then he shows us how knowing and applying Scriptural truth will release us from not only addictions but depression and even obsessive behaviors. I appreciate Anderson’s style as he gets right to the heart of the matter in each reading. The entries often inspire me to do my own scripture study or journal writing.

- Available on Amazon

If you’ve never done devotionals on a regular basis, give one of these books a try, or look for another that you like. You may discover a dynamic new tool for your recovery, and a great resource to share with others.

For those interested in faith-based recovery, it may also be worth your time to browse our directory of Christian treatment centers or call 800-891-8171 to inquire about addiction specialists in your area.

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