Reasons to Quit Drinking


If you quit the habit of drinking, then your value of life and your general health will get improved. In addition, those who live with you and care about you will see an improved quality of life if you stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol abuse or dependence has a number of serious health problems that can be reduced by discontinuing your bad habits. It also decreases your risk of getting into an alcohol related accident that can injure yourself or others around you. Relationships with parents, children and spouses will also be improved by cutting back on your drinking habits. Children and teens in your household will have great benefits by seeing your good role model and behavior example.

With all these benefits it is important that you implement a plan to stop drinking today. Contacting a support group or seeing a doctor is the best first step to take when you want to stop drinking. If you prefer to do it yourself then the first thing you should do is set a specific date to stop drinking. However, you should make sure you realize when you can't stop drinking on your own and at this time make sure you find medical help to manage the physical symptoms that come with your withdrawal.

If you quit the habit of drinking, then your value of life and your general health will get improved.

Talk to your doctor if you think you have an addiction alcohol. Because you may need to stop drinking under medical supervision if this is the case. Medicine can be prescribed by your doctor to help your withdraw from the alcohol safely. Late a doctor may prescribe you medications to help you stay sober. Withdrawal from alcohol addiction is safer if you have a doctors help. One of the most important steps to decreasing your alcohol consumption on your own is to identify your reasons for discontinuing use of alcohol. One of the reasons you may want to list is health reasons. Improving general health such as sleeping and eating habits is a good reason. Under these reasons you should also list what area of your health is being affected by the alcohol.

Another good thing to list is the prevention of alcohol related problems such as liver, stomach and nervous system problems. If you already have some of these problems associated with your alcohol consumption then you should list them. Pregnancy and the side effects on the baby is another good reason to list. Also interaction of alcohol with medications can be listed. For younger individuals you can include the reasons of growth and development.

You can have an area of relationship and work related reasons. These can include being able to attend an upcoming event, reducing conflicts at home or work and increasing your ability to handle responsibilities at work or home. You may also want to list legal reasons such as driving under the influence. You should list these if your alcohol dependence puts you at risk of one of these problems. Alcohol dependence is another thing you can add. If you have started drinking right from the age of fifteen or younger or if you have a family history of alcohol abuse then it is very important to consider these facts.

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