Preventive measures and Awareness program for Prescription Drug Addiction


Most people have experienced that it is easy to get addicted to prescription drugs. Most of the time a doctor is labeled as someone who is trusted and really cares about your well-being. This is a common misconception. Unfortunately that is not always true. Doctor’s often get a certain amount of pay for each prescription they write. Although there are definitely some very talented and caring doctors, there are also those that are just doing the job for the money.

Prescription drugs are highly addictive and abused. The most popular abused prescription drugs are hydrocodone (loratab), benzos’ (xanax, valium, klonopine etc.) and oxycontin (synthetic morphine). These are narcotic pain and nerve relievers. They cause you to have a feeling of euphoria and make you feel invincible until you come down. The withdrawal from these drugs can be compared to the withdrawals from heroin and you could be hospitalized.

Most people have experienced that it is easy to get addicted to prescription drugs.

Something as common as having chest cold could start this process of addiction. Doctor’s often prescribe a cough medicine with the main ingredient of codeine. They do this so you won’t have pain in your chest and throat. When you start taking it, it helps but, as you continue, you realize not only does it take that pain away, but you don’t have to deal with daily stress and responsibility and nothing seems to bother you anymore as long as you have this medicine.

Another pain medication that is often prescribed is Tylenol #3 with codeine. I was prescribed this medication for pain after a natural child birth. This started a long cycle of chemical dependency in my life. I just recently found the answer in God, and the twelve steps to recovery program. Addiction is a disease and anything can trigger it, the problem is, you may not even know it’s there until it’s too late.

In conclusion, be aware of what medicines are prescribed to you and check all product instructions before usage. If you can take a non-narcotic medicine for pain or nerves instead of these highly addictive prescriptions, save yourself the bad effects they have on your mind and body. Aware of all kinds of drugs as anything can make you an addict.

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