Prevent Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy


It is common that woman take alcohol on a regular basis as a social activity in this modern society. What happens when the woman becomes pregnant? What are the official recommendations regarding alcohol intake and pregnancy? The medical community has been alarmed for a long time now on the effects of alcohol during pregnancy, the worst outcome being fetal alcohol syndrome. Since there is no way to determine how much alcohol is safe to take during pregnancy, a zero consumption recommendation has been the official position of the medical community. After all, the level of alcohol passing through the placenta varies on too many variables to be determined exactly. Such variables can be the weight of the mother, the stage of the pregnancy, the weight of the baby, the type of alcohol taken, etc

Pregnancy should be a time of joy and happiness and as such the expectant mother should not feel like she is depriving herself of her social drinks for her baby’s sake. She can easily find ways to enjoy her social relaxation and fun time by adopting many of the following tricks. A pregnant woman who enjoyed a glass of wine once in a while can chose to either put a nice cool grape juice in her favorite crystal glass. She can also opt for a wine without alcohol as there are more and more on the market.

For pregnant women who enjoy beer, again there are many beers without alcohol on the market. Another fun way to enjoy a party while being pregnant is to prepare alcohol-free drinks and just decorate them like the real ones. You never know, you might start a new trend and have less of those unpleasant end of parties when people had too much to drink. Pregnancy should be enjoyable and a great time in a woman’s life. Restraining from drinking alcohol can be done easily by substituting alcohol with more healthy and natural choices. A Virgin Mary or a nice cocktail of fresh juices with ice can be as satisfying, especially if the mother-to-be knows she is doing what is best for her unborn child. This Fetal alcohol syndrome is permanent and irreversible, cravings for alcohol are not. Many non-alcoholic drinks can be also done in the blender and contain milk another important element during pregnancy.

It is common that woman take alcohol on a regular basis as a social activity in this modern society.
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