Street Names for Nicotine and Drug-Laced Cigarettes

B-40 Cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor
Banano Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine
Basuco (Spanish) Cocaine; Coca paste residue sprinkled on regular or marijuna cigarette
Bazooka Cocaine; combination of crack and marijuana; crack and tobacco combined in a joint; coca paste and marijuana
Beedies Cigarettes from India (resemble marijuana joints/vehicle for other drugs)
Chips Tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP
Cocktail Combination of crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette; to smoke cocaine in a cigarette
Cooler Cigarette laced with a drug
Coolie Cigarette laced with cocaine
Crimmie Cigarette laced with crack
Dank Marijuana; the practice of lacing cigarettes with formaldehyde
Flamethrowers Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Fry Daddy Crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack; marijuana joint laced with crack
Geek-joints Cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack; a marijuana cigarette laced with crack or powdered cocaine
Monos (Spanish) Cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco
Primo Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Primos Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Sherms Crack Cocaine; PCP; cigars dipped in or laced with PCP
Smurf Cigar dipped in embalming fluid
THC Tetrahydrocannabinol
Wollie Rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette or in a cigar
Woolas Cigarettes laced with cocaine; crack sprinkled on marijuana cigarette
Zay A mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar; blunts

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Nicotine cigarettes are often laced with other drugs, including cocaine, crack, marijuana and PCP, and marketed on the street. Some street names for drug-laced cigarettes include Fry Daddy, Geek Joints, B-40, and Banano, among others.

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