Negative Effects of Alcohol


Alcoholic addiction is a growing problem in the

United States and is even a problem in teenagers, too. Unfortunately, there are a variety of negative effects that are associated with the consumption of alcohol. While the negative effects can either be long term or short term, all of them start with the first drink of alcohol. Negative effects may not become apparent immediately, but as time goes on, the adverse effects of alcohol will become more and more noticeable and, in some cases, they can even lead to death.


Alcoholic addiction is a growing problem in the United States and is even a problem in teenagers, too

One of the negative effects that alcohol tends to have is the increased risk for multiple serious diseases. Increased consumption of alcohol can lead to serious medical problems such as cirrhosis of the liver, which often results in death. Infections, sleeping disorders and sexual dysfunctions can also be caused by consumption of alcohol. Recent studies have also shown that consumption of alcohol can actually raise the risk of certain cancers, including breast cancer, throat cancer and intestinal cancer.

Pregnancy Problems

Not only can alcohol have negative effects on the person using it, but it can also damage the innocent, such as unborn children. If a women is pregnant and continues to consume alcohol, it can cause serious damage to the unborn baby. Both physical and mental birth defects can be a result of a mother drinking while pregnant. Many babies that are born to mothers who drank alcohol during pregnancy end up with either Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or with Fetal Alcohol Effects.

Legal Problems

Legal problems can be other negative effects that are caused by consuming alcohol. Many times, alcohol will increase the amount of aggression in consumers and they end up committing crimes, ending up in jail. Many crimes, including domestic violence, have been linked to the consumption of alcohol and being in jail or going to court for charges such as these can be quite expensive. There are also many traffic incidents that occur when people have been drinking that lead to legal problems as well.

Work Problems

Many people that consume alcohol on a regular basis find the negative effects of alcohol coming to play in their professional lives as well. Often, alcohol consumption leads to missed days of work because of hangovers and to shoddy work. As a result of these negative effects, some people may even find themselves losing their jobs as a result of their alcoholism.

Consuming alcohol can be very serious and there are many grave negative effects that are caused by alcohol. Avoiding alcohol can help you avoid these adverse effects and save your invaluable life.

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