Mixture of Swinging with Drug


There are serious legal and health consequences that you need to think over before popping or smoking something to swing.

And you have to make the decision on your own.

There are serious legal and health consequences that you need to think over before popping or smoking something to swing.

Legal Issues

First of all, illegal drugs are just that: illegal. There’s no way around this. If you wilfully go out and purchase drugs that are not over the counter or prescribed by a doctor, you are committing an illegal act.

And it’s that simple. If you are caught, you will get into trouble with the law, and it’s not worth it.

It’s not worth your reputation or your health.

Health Concerns

There are hundreds of studies that have been done to examine the effects that illegal drugs can have on your body. Addiction aside, you are playing Russian roulette with illicit drug use.

While you might not hurt yourself on the first, the fourth, or the twentieth try, you might on the twenty-first. All of our bodies react differently when new chemicals are introduced. And your body could be a ticking time bomb that just needs ecstasy or marijuana to make it explode.

Or die.

And even if you don’t die, you are permanently altering the chemical structure of your body. Your body will not function as well, nor will it be any stronger for having taken the drugs.

There is also the very real concern that the drugs may not be pure so you might be ingesting something like heroin with your LSD, or whatever you might be taking.

And that mix could very well be lethal. Thankfully, it’s also avoidable.

Judgment Call

Drugs change the way that you see the world around you and can hinder you from making good decisions. All of the rules and boundaries that you set up prior to your swinging experience may be forgotten.

And you could feel guilty for doing something that you said that you wouldn’t.

This can cause serious relationship rifts and arguments because trust is now called into question. Digging back out of that could take a long time; recovering from that breach could take even longer.

You could also harm someone else by not listening to what they wanted, or didn’t want. And that trust was sacred as well.

In The End

If you’re taking drugs before or during swinging to make it a better time, then you aren’t ready for swinging at all. You should be comfortable going into the decision and not need to self-medicate to make it ‘okay.’

A little glass of wine is fine, but taking anything more can just make the experience a great time but it makes you ill easily.

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