Merits and Demerits of Accutane


Accutane is a main drug patented by the popular drug manufacturer Roche Pharmaceuticals. In

United States

, it runs by the brand name of Isotretinoin. In other countries, Accutane is known as Roaccutane. Some generic versions are also now available. These are known as Amnesteem, Sotret and Claravis.

Accutane is a main drug patented by the popular drug manufacturer Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Isotretinoin is derived from the A vitamin very much like Retin-A, but unlike Retin-A, isotretinoin is taken orally rather than used on the skin. Vitamin A has been proven to be very healthy for the skin but the unfortunate aspect is that the human body doesn't always assimilate vitamin A very well. In addition, if taken in large amounts, it can build up to dangerous levels. These toxins then can cause serious side effects. This fact has caused the medical professionals to exercise caution.

Isotretinoin on the other hand is very effective in battling acne because it is the only medication that works in many ways. It reduces the size of the sebaceous glands, decreases cellular accumulation, eliminates bacteria and lessons inflammation. Another positive attribute of isotretinoin is that it continues to exhibit productive results well after the individual stops using it. This drug may have a long lasting, positive effect on the skin and in the curing of the nasty symptoms associated with acne.

Accutane's most frequently experienced side effects usually involve the skin. An individual's skin may become very dry and quite irritated. The mucus membranes may also feel very much the same. One's lips and or eyes may also become extremely dry and irritated. Some other side effects might be muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, or the thinning of hair.

There are other more serious side effects, which do seem to disappear once the medication is no longer taken. These may include colitis, loss of night vision, or hepatitis.

The most serious and permanent side effect that has occurred is the damage to the unborn child of a pregnant mother. Our medical professionals are well aware of the potential birth defects to the fetus. The Accutane warnings have always and still do indicate this unfortunate fact. The potential of birth defects cannot be underestimated. The risks are very high for the fetus and can be devastating even with the usage of very small doses.

Many women experience miscarriages while taking isotretinoin. The fact is that the numbers may as high as four out of ten pregnancies are terminated in this fashion. Consequently, many groups have petitioned for this drug to be taken off the market.

If a child is carried full term, the types of birth defects are numerous and varied. A few are facial and nervous system deformities, mental retardation, or severe learning and developmental disabilities. Some of these defects or disabilities have an effect on a child's IQ, which obviously can be a life long challenge.

The prescribing of Accutane is more involved than many other drugs. There are specific steps the physician must take before the prescription can be written. The patient must also go through a series of tests. She must agree to use birth control and undergo pregnancy tests.

These steps are all for the benefit of the unborn child. As good as Accutane can be in curing acne, it can be just as devastating to the fetus. More preventive measures should be taken before prescribing and utilizing.

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