Long Term Hazardous Effects of Drugs


Based on the type of consumed drug a person will experience different long term hazardous effects. It doesn’t matter if you think that pot is a soft drug and you will only do that drug because the others are hard drugs. That’s nonsense. Did you know that internationally, cannabis is considered to by as bad cocaine, heroin, etc…? But let’s not get into a discussion which drug is softer than another, the truth is that all drugs have horrible drugs long term effects.

The information you will read here is the truth as it comes. No whichi-wachi nonsense. All the research has come from official pages of the United Nations, World Health Organization and more. Drugs long term effects will cripple the body’s ability to do something specific without drug use. This is why it’s do hard to overcome drug addiction, because of the drug’s long term effects.

Lets start with a popular-known drug called Methamphetamine, also known as "Meth," and many more. This drug stimulates the brain ability to produce pleasure, and with repeated use, the long term drug effect will be horrible. It will literally "turn off" the brain’s ability to produce pleasure without the presence of Meth. Another popular known drug is Crack/Cocaine. It has very similar drug long term effects as Meth, but as a big extra long term drug effect, cocaine has the uniqueness of accompanying the short-lived euphoria by a "crash."

This involves repeatedly falling into depressions, anxiety attacks, extreme fatigue and paranoia, as well as deterioration of general health. A common drug long term effect is to develop an extreme carving for more cocaine but will only result into more long term drug effects of depression, paranoia, etc…

Heroin is a brutal drug that produces drugs long term effects of kidney shut down, poisoning from contaminated spots of injection and even toxic leukoencephalopathy. Drugs long term effects associated to toxic leukoencephalopathy range from forgetfulness, inattention, and changes in personality to coma, dementia, and even death.

And for last, I left the drugs long term effects of marijuana. A single straw of marijuana contains more tar than you can find inside a whole pack of cigarettes. Somehow, it has been widely thought that smoking a cigarette is worse that smoking pot, while in reality it’s completely the other way around. Other marijuana drugs long term effects can be homosexual tendencies, impotence, and serves as a welcome door to other drugs as well.

Drugs kill, ands that’s that, not matter which drugs long term effects they have. If you suspect someone close to you is abusing drugs, then talk to him and consider a drug rehab center for him immediately.

Based on the type of consumed drug a person will experience different long term hazardous effects.
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