doctor listens to patient intently

How to Get Help When You're Just Too Busy


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doctor listens to patient intently

For many individuals struggling with addiction, putting life on hold so they can get help for substance abuse is simply not an option. Many people justify putting off addiction treatment by saying their lives are too busy with work or taking care of their family.

However, while many treatment programs require some level of relocation or overhaul of one’s daily routine, there are treatment options that do accommodate the patient’s need to take care of other responsibilities.

There are treatment options that accommodate a patient’s need to take care of other responsibilities.

In fact, partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment are some of the most underutilized yet practical approaches to addiction recovery.

Things to Consider

People who seek outpatient treatment do still have to consider the continuum of care their addiction requires. This involves factors such as costs, time and intensity of treatment.

Cost: Many insurance companies provide coverage for outpatient treatment.

Time: The time spent for outpatient treatment will leave patients able to manage their lives without having to temporarily leave their families, career and other ventures to go to rehab.

Intensity: Numerous rehab centers, mental health hospitals, and other private facilities offer half-day group programs that can help patients build a strong foundation for sobriety. Many rehab centers with daytime treatment programs also provide medication management, individual and group therapy, as well as sober living education.

Ideally, outpatient rehab is best suited for those who have juggled their substance addiction along with their job, education, children, spouse, parents, and other obligations. Those who may be looking for more in their psychological treatments or recovery meetings may also consider outpatient treatment programs as an intermediate option for addiction treatment.

Long-term residential care that will allow for 24-hour care until you fully recover is still the ideal option, but when people simply cannot give up their entire lives, getting outpatient help is certainly better than not addressing the issue at all.

If you or someone you know is seeking help from addiction, please visit our directory of treatment centers or call 800-772-8219 to start the path to recovery today.

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