How to beat your Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction


If you are really exhausted of being 'ruled' by cigarettes, then the good news for you simply wants to stop smoking is a large part of the battle to successfully giving up smoking.

If you are really exhausted of being 'ruled' by cigarettes, then the good news for you simply wants to stop smoking is a large part of the battle to successfully giving up smoking.

The only REAL way to stop smoking is to overcome the psychological dependence on tobacco in cigarettes and the addiction to nicotine. To slowly stop smoking is not the best way to stop - Doing it this way you are only teasing your body - and the desire to smoke is still there.

One of the main reasons people want to stop smoking is that they want their body to be healthy and free of disease and this means not taking the toxins and poisons contained in cigarette smoke. An easy way to stop smoking is to get aware of all the health problems that smokers are likely to experience if they continue to do so.

Tobacco use accounts for:

About one third of all cancer deaths in the USA smokeless tobacco carries many of the same health risks as cigarettes, so this is not an option. Some scientists have stated that the addiction to tobacco is harder to break than the addiction to heroin a class A drug thats a guaranteed killer. Hypnotherapists however disagree with many able to re-program a smoker’s brain in just a few hours and get rid of the dependence on nicotine and tobacco.

Other problems with smoking include bad breath, body odor and it certainly makes your clothes smell!

Few tobacco-related lessons are taught in school to stop people smoking although education is getting better. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States and the industrialized countries in the world.

Reducing tobacco use and cigarette smoking, is a public health necessity and education is starting fact is:

Giving up smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health.

Giving up smoking isn’t easy

but the health benefits are worth it.

Most people are aware that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health but cant stop

Smoking is a habit, which leads to potentially serious health problems.

The health benefits of stopping smoking start immediately, the sooner you’re able to quit smoking, the sooner your health improves. Nicotine replacement products ( NRT) and other medications such as Zyban can help you stop smoking.

These products can certainly help to reduce the craving and severe withdrawal symptoms you feel when you initially try to stop smoking and chances are increased of giving up altogether by 50% compared to trying to stop smoking by cold turkey

There are various forms of nicotine replacement Therapy. Patches, gum puffers and inhalers and the results speak for themselves About 20 out of 100 people who use nicotine replacement therapy stop smoking for at least 12 months, compared with 12 out of 100 people who don't use it. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) stops, or reduces, the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal – but to break free from smoking, you need to cope with your nicotine addiction.

How you feel when you stop smoking depends on how much you smoked, how addicted your body is to nicotine - and how ready you are to stop smoking. But keep in mind of you want to stop there is help and support available and not only will you be healthier, you will also save money and feel good about yourself again.

Seek help from your physician and say no to tobacco and nicotine.

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