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How Do I Qualify for Free Drug Rehab?


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woman crying on the floor with open bottle of pills

If you are considering entering a drug rehab program, but you are afraid that you can’t afford it, you may be surprised to learn that there are many low-cost programs available. You will also find programs out there that offer free drug rehab. Even if the cost-free options are not as comprehensive or luxurious as some of the higher-cost programs that offer more amenities, free drug rehabilitation may be just as effective for you.

Most free drug rehab programs will offer the basic services needed for addiction recovery: medical care, counseling or therapy, and support—all in a controlled environment. The end goal of every drug rehab program is recovery from addiction, not a spa vacation—so focus on whether a program will help you reach the goal of recovery in a safe and supported way.

Yes, there are free rehabs options out there. Find out how they work, how to qualify and if they are any good.

Keep in mind that drug rehab is a complex process, which should involve examining your individual history in order to develop the most promising and effective treatment for you. An initial rehab intake interview, assessment or counseling session is a key part of determining your best treatment plan. As you search for a free drug rehab program, be sure to use that first interview or session as an opportunity to determine if they are asking you the right questions that will help them to provide you with individualized care. You should also ask a lot of questions to find out if the program seems right for you.

Qualifying for Free Drug Rehab

Are you wondering how you might qualify for a free drug rehab program? Some rehab programs offer free or discounted services to people with certain qualifying disabilities. Some programs are funded by churches or charitable organizations and don’t require any special qualifications from you beyond your need to enter a detox or rehab program. Many programs offer discounted treatment for people who are in low income brackets, while others will offer treatment on a sliding scale fee based on your income level and employment status.

Most drug rehab centers will help figure out if your insurance will cover at least part of the cost of treatment. If you have a PPO insurance plan, it may cover all or most of an addiction rehab treatment program or a co-occurring disorders treatment program. If your insurance won’t cover all the costs, many rehab facilities will offer some kind of alternative payment options to help cover the difference.

If you want to learn more about how to qualify for a free drug rehab program, or a discounted program, you can use the treatment program locator on the website of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is a government agency that serves as a free online resource for addicts who need help (http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov). Once you locate one or more programs in your area via the SAMHSA site, you can contact a few of these directly to ask them about any free, discounted or insurance-covered programs, and any special requirements or qualifications.

Government-Funded Drug Rehab

The free or alternative payment-type rehab programs are often offered at facilities that receive funding from local, state or federal government. Government funding for these programs usually comes from tax dollars, so they may have limited services and staffing during bad economic times. Therefore, the range of services offered can fluctuate. If you contact a government-funded program to inquire about qualifying for treatment, be sure to ask if all their programs and services are currently being offered.

If You Are Already Receiving Government Services

Are you are already receiving government-funded mental or behavioral health services? Are you currently receiving healthcare services in a county hospital or do you receive other support from a government agency? If so, you may be able to get a referral into a free drug rehab program through that service, hospital or agency. You can ask your agent or case worker for guidance regarding how referrals to affiliated drug rehab programs are made and what is required. Keep in mind that, as with other government-funded services, government subsidized drug rehab programs can have a long waiting list and you may not get in right away.

Finding the Right Free Drug Rehab

Most drug rehab programs, even the free ones, offer strategies that promote healing from addiction after you have completed your initial detox. However, not all rehab programs use the same approach to reach this goal. While it is crucial to find a drug rehab program that has experience in treating the type of substance abuse you are dealing with, it is also important to find one that suits your other needs. You will need to do some research, make some phone calls, and ask questions about each program. Try to find out the philosophy and treatment approach of each drug rehab center during your free drug rehab initial counseling session or interview.

Remember that finding the right program for you will be the key to your successful treatment and recovery. With your drug abuse you have been following a road of destruction. The key goal of any free drug rehab program is to get you on the road to recovery, but finding the program that is the right match for your individual needs is important. Once you find the right match, the rehab program can better help you turn your life around.

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