Excessive Perspiration and its Causes


Even though the great poet compared nonexistence against the "The grunt and sweat under a weary life." of course, we all sweat. That's how excessive sweat makes you feel. As if you are sweating and grunting and tying hogs, even though there seems to be no reason for such constant watering. Sweating can damage relationships, hurt your work life, and change your family life. One needs to know whether what sweating is caused by first to get to the root of the problem. There are several causes of excessive perspiration that will be covered in this document including natural reactions, symptoms of diseases, complications from drugs, and psychological reasons.

Even though the great poet compared nonexistence against the "The grunt and sweat under a weary life."

Some of the causes of excessive perspiration are normal ordinary causes. Exercise and exertion are some of the causes of sweat. Acting as the bodies temperature gauge, hot weather, spicy foods, and hot drinks can all induce much perspiration. Some not as commonly known causes of excessive sweating are smoking, alcohol consumption, and synthetic clothing, which can also produce some strange body odor. Normal periods of life which cause more water to come out of your pores are puberty and menopause with all it's hot flashes. If you have a hypoglycemic attack you may experience heavy sweating. Overweight people are often more heavily endowed with sweating than their thinner counterparts. If you have AIDS, sweating can occur.

Other causes of excessive perspiration are symptoms of diseases. Some of these diseases are well known, such as night sweats, flu, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and malaria. Other diseases which can cause more fluids to be released out of the pores are Hodgkin’s disease, abscess, cancer, liver disease, and kidney disease.

An over-active thyroid can also be one of the causes of excessive perspiration. This disease is called hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis. Another name for it is Graves' disease. This is a metabolic imbalance in the body that comes from the over production of the thyroid hormone. If you have excessive sweating, you should talk to your doctor first to see if you have some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Symptoms generally include shaky hands, increase perspiration, warm skin, thinning hair, weight loss, irritability, nervousness, decreased menstruation, eye changes, and weak leg muscles. If you are an insomniac, feel tired or irritable constantly and have unexplainable weight loss, or have any of the previous symptoms the doctor will know what different kinds of medication to take for this disease.

Some drugs have complications from which causes of excessive perspiration are shown. Certain anti-depressants cause excessive sweating, along with estrogen therapy, morphine, coffee, and aspirin.

Other causes for excessive perspiration are ecstasy abuse. Ecstasy, or X, has some of the features of amphetamines, which are stimulants and has some effects of hallucinogens. While some people may get a high from the raised pulse, raised temperature, general feeling of wellness, and feeling of a "rush," others realize that this is an illegal drug, which can be abused. There are many treatments for drug abuse available, such as psychological therapy, counseling, medications, support groups, and emergency treatments. So if you have abused ecstasy, this can cause excessive sweating. Be sure not to hide this information from you doctor as they need this piece of the puzzle to make a complete diagnosis.

There are some psychological causes of excessive perspiration. Anxiety, fear, anger, embarrassment and nervousness all play a part in our body’s natural fight-or-flight reaction. If something unexpectedly happens in your day then you will experience the symptoms of excessive sweating.

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