Drug Addiction at Hostel Environment


Alcoholic consumption and drug addiction issue has penetrated the interiors of every town in the world. Unfortunately enough, some places which were once considered as safe for the overall development of students and teenagers have become a breeding spot for the activities such as drug addiction. This includes educational institutions and hostels. Occasionally we have to migrate to other parts of the town or country to get access to better work places or education institutions. The wish to be progressive in life makes us to leave our relatives and friends. But do we, in actual practice, care for our own developments after we have left our hometown, is the question every drug addict should ask themselves.

The hostels are a boon for migrating students which also give privacy to those individuals who want to pursue higher studies. But once they are exposure to the external environment, people get carried away with the sense of independence and create problems for themselves and others.

Alcoholic consumption and drug addiction issue has penetrated the interiors of every town in the world.

In certain hostels attached to education institutions, students have none but their classmates to accompany them. Instead of taking this opportunity to study some teenagers get induced and resort to addictions like smoking and alcohol. Once the habit is cultivated they are prone to take other addictive drugs. Not everyone is able to adjust to newer place, eating habits and pattern of working. Some students do not fare well in studies which make them distance away from studious friends. They then try to vent their frustration by going for addiction and bad company.

People who have relocated to far off places in pursuit of jobs and are put up in hostel become depressed if they do not get the job of their choice. In addition, the stress of peer pressure, competition, promotion and odd working hours create a lot of turmoil within themselves. Such moments force persons with weaker resolutions into bad company who ultimately give in to addiction.

How to handle addiction in hostels

1. Parents should register their children in reputed institutes by first going through the credentials and inquiring about the vigil they keep.

2. Try to make inquiries about the room mate if your ward is sharing the room.

3. If our colleague is addicted, bring it to knowledge of the institution or organization so that rehabilitation process can be begun at the earliest.

4. Try to entertain and engross yourself in spare time so that you can overcome the temptation of addiction.

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