Drug addiction and Detoxification measures


One of the major problems in our society nowadays is Drug use. Many people are addicted to one or more substances. Western medicine is a drug-oriented system and people purchase millions of pills every year. Drug detoxification is thus the need of the hour.

All drugs have some amount of toxicity, including caffeine, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, milk products, over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and recreational drugs like cocaine. Most of these drugs have physical and physiological addictive potential showing withdrawal symptoms when consumption is stopped.

One of the major problems in our society nowadays is Drug use.

Detoxification is the process by which we rid the body of harmful toxins. Drug detoxification is the first step in the process of recovery from drug addiction. Once you deter, you are closer to a normal life without drugs.
It is vital to get outside medical help to manage withdrawal symptoms. As an addict your body becomes accustomed to drugs, so that it needs drugs to be normal. When you remove these drugs during detox, your body reacts violently, with symptoms like nausea, convulsions, tremors, etc.
Ideally, drug detox consists of three stages:

Medical Detox: a medical doctor will oversee your withdrawal from drugs, ensuring you finish this phase with minimum complications. Medical drug detox can take several days.
Physical Detox: Once the body is free of drugs you can work at building up the physical health of the body. A nutritionist can help you to get through this phase by drawing out a balanced diet for you.
Emotional Detox: This is offered in the form of counseling to patients as they go through the difficult task of drug detoxification.

It is important to detox in a treatment center, as some of the withdrawal symptoms are dangerous to the health of the patient. Medical supervision throughout the program is essential for drug addicts to break their habits. Treatment referrals provide referrals to drug rehabs where they effectively treat drug and substance abuse beyond detoxification, and also examine the emotional and social issues involved in addiction.

Drug detoxification is a complicated task to work, and it involves the sincerity of the addicted person as well as the assistance of friends, family members and community.

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